Mindful Face Yoga Photo

I believe there is a connection between us and the earth. The earth gives us the energy that we need throughout the day, it brings us down when we gravitate feeling lost and as time goes by and we age, it changes our bodies and our faces. It’s simply THE LAW OF GRAVITY.

It is obvious to me that we cannot stop the aging process but I am convinced we can slow it down without using any other painful surgical alternatives which cannot be controlled, cause side effects, work on a short term and need to be renewed. They would have never been an option to me.

I believe in the Face Yoga Method which has been developed by one of the most wonderful people I have ever met: Fumiko Takatsu, founder of the Face Yoga Method. I was in my mid 30’s and I did not feel like it. I felt unhappy with the way my face looked like, lost the self-confidence, cheated with the mirror because every time I discovered new lines on my face and the 11 lines on my forehead gave me a hard time because they grew deeper and made me look sad. I knew I had to do something to regain my face, the self-confidence and feel happy again. While searching for natural alternatives that would help me tone my face muscles, diminish the face lines, bring back the balance I needed into my body and my soul, I discovered Fumiko Takatsu with the Face Yoga Method. As soon as I started practicing the poses developed by Fumiko, I realized that my mind connected to my face muscles, I regained my inner balance following the breath and not the movement and my face looked more refreshed and radiant. All of the sudden I felt happier and more self-confident.

I learned to be aware of myself and my face muscles. I stopped cheating with the mirror and the Face Yoga became an important part of my daily routine. Fumiko helped me change my face and my life. I am so grateful and so lucky to be the first certified Face Yoga Method teacher in Germany. It was an amazing experience that helped me believe that I can feel beautiful from inside out again.

Now I look in the mirror, I breath in and out, smile and feel happy because I know I will age but I will feel and look naturally younger.

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