Can Face Yoga create more wrinkles or is it just the daily habit?

I woke up one morning my neck aching and feeling very tired after a long night sleep. I had a look in the mirror and was struck by the deep 11 lines on my forehead which were almost gone the night before after my face yoga evening routine, one cup of hot water and the “good night” meditation.

I have been training the forehead area for a while and the positive results showed up. This story led me to the following question:

“Can the practice of Face Yoga cause you more wrinkles?”

I thought of the previous night and realized that my bad habit of sleeping on one side combined with the daily stress were the triggers which led to the deep 11 lines and the neck pain. The answer to my question was clear to me. It was the continuous bad habit that created more wrinkles on my forehead and the neck pain and not the facial exercises.

While practicing the Face Yoga we focus on training certain face muscles within a short period of time. If we do not become aware of our daily bad habits, they start controlling our face and thoughts leading to lines on our faces and eventually wrinkles.

What do I mean by Daily Bad Habits versus practicing Face Yoga?

Have you ever thought of how many times we furrow and frown our forehead while focusing on something? What about a sunny day without wearing sun glasses? Which is your favorite side to talk on the phone instead of using the speaker? Which side do you chew your food on? Do you sleep on your back or on one side? Do you lift up one eyebrow more when you feel suprised or angry? Do you tighten your mouth when you feel stressed out?

These are only a few ideas about the habits. Think of them and try to pay attention to yours. You do these movements so many times a day without even noticing. Believe it or not, they create more lines and wrinkles on your face. One Face Yoga pose takes only 1 minute. It relaxes the face muscles, tones them and minimizes wrinkles.  15-30 minutes Face Yoga exercises a day can give you back so much more, change your facial expressions and the way you feel right now.

Most of us decide to change their habit mostly on Monday or make it a New Year Resolution. It’s not about Monday or the New Year. It’s not about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It’s about changing the habit NOW, which will make you feel different.

Change your HABIT and embrace the BEAUTY of the Face Yoga!

New Face, New You! = good feeling, self-confidence, beauty and inner balance


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