We train our bodies to strengthen our muscles, stay healthy and strive to look good. What about our faces?
Most of us know that the skin is our largest organ but how many of you thought about our face muscles? Believe it or not our face is made up of over 60 muscles that can be toned and strengthened like our body muscles. The principle is the same: you use them or lose them.
The Face Yoga is a unique blend of targeted facial muscle exercises and breathing techniques that helps us:

  • Tone and strengthen our face muscles
  • Increase the blood circulation and the oxygen flow throughout the entire face. The result is a more radiant skin
  • Increase the collagen production in our skin that decreases as we age
  • Diminish the face lines and smoothen the wrinkles

Practicing on a daily basis, you will not only notice significant improvement on your face but you will also feel happier, more self-confident and more aware of your face.

Breathing plays an important role in the Face Yoga. By focusing on the breath, you will feel relaxed and more focused. Deep breathing promotes better blood circulation in the face and body. The result is more radiant skin.

Did you know that daily habits can add more years to your face? Paying attention to and changing them e.g. whether you tighten up your mouth while focusing on something, whether you chew more on one side, if you have a favorite side you sleep on or if you use your phone on one side, can help you achieve the results you desire.